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Date Subject Publication Publisher
2016 Environmental Graphic Asia Pacific Design (APD 12) Sandu
2016 Sciencewerk Citybeats Vol 2 Citybeats Magazine
2016 Logos & Identity idN Vol 23n2 idN Magazine
2016 Seek a Seek Seek a Seek Exhibition Dia Lo Gue Gallery
2016 Exploring Different Styles of Design The Jakarta Post Jakarta Post
2016 Basha Market Collaboration Big Bang Show: Basha Market Kompas TV
2015 Designer's Food Design 360° Magazine No. 57 Sandu Publishing
2015 Portofolio: Sciencewerk Whiteboard Journal
2015 Behance Global Feature Behance Behance
2015 Environmental Graphics BOB Magazine 136 A&C Publishing Korea
2015 Visuelle Trends 2015 Page Magazine 02 2015 Ebner Verlag GmbH
2015 Identity Illustrated Identity Illustrated Book Sandu Publishing
2015 Interior Branding BOB Magazine 129 A&C Publishing Korea
2015 Cultural Symbol Brand Magazine Sendpoint Publishing
2015 Signage Design: Defining Spaces Follow Me Sendpoint Publishing
2015 Infinite Illustrations Infinite Illustrations Sandu Publishing
2015 Packaging Design & Materials Package Magazine Chois Gallery
2014 Panino Organic Rice The Dieline
2014 Papillon Blu BP&O Brand Packaging and Opinion
2013 Perspektif: 19 Desainer Grafis Muda Indonesia DGI DGIBooks
2013 Identity Design Asia Pacific Design 8 Sandu Publishing
2013 FPO Prameya Identity For Print Only Underconsideration
2013 The Fishmen & Ricewine The Dieline
2013 Cheap Labor BP&O Brand Packaging and Opinion
2013 Years in Singapore Glyphwerk Exhibition Reading Room SG Studio Kaleido
2013 The Fishmen & Ricewine Packaging Served by Behance Sciencewerk
2012 Sciencewerk X SiteInspire
2012 Prameya Identity Brand Magazine: Minimalism Sendpoint Publishing
2012 Flux Game Center Brand Magazine: Futurism Sendpoint Publishing
2012 Identity Design Asia Pacific Design 7 Sandu Publishing
2012 Controlpolis Exhibition with Upstairs Mystic Vintage Marina Bay Sands Mystic Vintage
2012 Zuri Express Hotels Brand Magazine: Spectrumism Sendpoint Publishing
2011 Identity Design Asia Pacific Design 6 by Sandu Sandu Publishing
2010 XY Lab Elle Magazine Elle
2010 B Factory Bastardised by Bunch Lawrence King UK
2010 Sciencewerk 2012 Identity Designer's Identity Lawrence King UK
2009 Fuse Magazine D&AD Inbook Awards D&AD UK
2009 AIR+EXO Desktopography Desktopography
2008 Digital Artworks Computer Arts Magazine Future PLC
2008 Digital Artworks Advanced photoshop Magazine Imagine Publishing
2008 Sciencewerk Clonewar & Sans Exhibition Crowbar Editorial & Typography Finalist Crowbar
2008 Denzmixed Design on Saying Hello Lawrence King UK